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Ulukhaktok Traditions

The Arctic Char Inn

in Ulukhaktok Northwest Territories

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Ulukhaktok Traditions

Music and dance are an important part of life in Ulukaktok. Songs tell stories of:

  • hunting
  • dancing
  • travelling

The songs are passed from generation to generation. The most common songs are:

  • Aya-ya songs
  • chanting
  • story songs

The singers sing to the rhythm of the caribou skin drums. Dancers act out the songs. Sometimes the dancers play drums and dance.

Dancing, drumming and singing continues to be a vital part of life in Holman with regular performances at the community hall. The Holman drummers and dancers have also performed at ceremonies throughout the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Ulukhaktok Dancers performing


Ulukhaktok Drummers


Fish filleting

The golf course in Ulukhaktok is the most Northerly golf course in the world


Ulukhaktok Festivals and Community Events

Kingalik Jamboree - Mid-June

The jamboree features traditional events such as:

  • tea-boiling
  • duck plucking
  • fish-filleting
  • square dancing contests

Contact Ulukaktok Recreation and Sports for more information.

Phone: (867) 376-3511

Billy Joss Open Golf Tournament

Three-day golf tournament held north of the Arctic Circle featuring:

  • golfing
  • fishing
  • barbecues

Contact the Ulukaktok Recreation and Sports for more information.

Phone: (867) 396-3511


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