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Ulukhaktok Outfitters

Inns North

The Arctic Char Inn

Arctic Char Inn

in Ulukaktok Northwest Territories

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Ulukhaktok Outfitters

The most common animals found in the Ulukaktok area are:

  • caribou
  • musk ox
  • polar bear
  • wolves
  • Arctic fox

The other common animal in Ulukhaktok  is the sled dog.

Hunting and fishing are an integral part of life for the residents of Ulukaktok. The guides and outfitters of Ulukaktok are your key to an Arctic adventure you'll never forget.

Polar Bear

Polar bear on the ice near Ulukaktok

Musk Oxen

Musk oxen at Byron Bay on Victoria Island

Ancient Artifacts

Ancient stone trap on Johanson Bay near Ulukaktok

Read Island

Read Island near Ulukaktok

Ulukaktok Outfitters

Olokhaktomiuk Hunters and Trappers Committee

Phone - 867-396-4808
Fax - 867-396-3025


Paulatuk Community Corporation Boat shuttle services

Phone: (867) 580-3601

Hunters and Trappers Committee
Boat shuttle services
Phone: (867) 580-3404


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