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Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories

Inns North

The Arctic Char Inn

Arctic Char Inn

in Ulukhaktok Northwest Territories

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Welcome to Ulukhaktok, NWT

The community of Ulukaktok is found on the west side of Victoria Island on the Amundsen Gulf in the Northwest Territories. The area around Ulukaktok is hilly, with steep cliffs and bluffs that are home to a wide variety of animals, birds and fish.

Ulukaktok is also home to the most northernly golf course on the North American continent. Golfing on the open tundra is a truly unique experience. Each summer, the Billy Joss Celebrity Golf Tournament is held, attracting golfers from around the world.

Ulukaktok is internationally known for its traditional art and particularly, the Holman Art Prints, which are known for their distinctive style. Using lithography, stenciling, stonecut and linocut, the artists of HUlukaktok have created a series of prints that are prized by collectors and museums alike.

Dancing and drumming are also part of community life in Ulukaktok. The Ulukaktok Dancers and Drummers have performed for many audiences across Canada.

Arctic Char Inn

The Arctic Char Inn in Ulukaktok

Holman, NWT

The community of Ulukaktok, NWT

Holman Traditional Dancers

The Ulukhaktok Dancers

Holman Art Prints

Holman art print from the Ulukhaktok  Print Shop

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