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The Arctic Islands

The Arctic Islands in the Northwest Territories are:

  • Banks Island
  • Victoria Island (western portion)
  • Parry Islands
  • Read Island

Ulukaktok is located on Victoria Island. Victoria Island has over:

  • two hundred species of plants
  • 50 species of bird
  • 9 species of mammal including caribou, muskox and grizzly bear
  • marine life including crabs, krill, sea urchins, nudibranchs, clams
  • 10 species of fish including Arctic char, lake trout and whitefish
  • 5 species of marine mammals

The Banks Island have a population of number in the hundreds. Peary caribou are recognized as an endangered species. A large herd of Muskox also make their home on this island. Ringed seal, bearded seal, beluga and polar bears are found along the north coast of Banks Island.

Over forty species of birds make seasonal use of Banks Island. There is also a surprising diversity of fish in the fresh waters on the island.

Read Island was home to a Hudson Bay trading post until 1960. Many of the residents of Read Island moved to the community of Ulukaktok including Billy Joss who is honoured each year with an annual golf tournament at the Ulukhaktok Golf Course. This is the most northernly golf tournament in the world.

Banks Island

Banks Island

Stone Trap

Ancient stone trap at Johanson Bay on Victoria Island

Read Island

The old trading post on Read Island

Read Island

Rainbow over Read Island



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